TID Informatik visiting Ponsse PLC in Finland

About CATALOGcreator® for Ponsse

Ponsse LogoPonsse was founded in 1970 to meet the needs of the forestry machines entrepreneur Einari Vidgrén:the commercially available machines were not robust enough for his requirements, so he had his own built.Ponsse has now specialized in the manufacture, distribution and maintenance of forestry machines that work with the “cut- to-length” method, as well as the corresponding information systems.In the “cut- to-length” method, logs are cut in the forest to the desired length.Meanwhile, users are kept up to date by information systems of what types and quantities of wood they will be receiving.All this works wirelessly and in real time.

The company’s shares are traded at the OMX (Scandinavian Stock Exchange).The Ponsse Group consists of the parent company Ponsse Plc and its subsidiaries Ponsse AB in Sweden, Ponsse AS in Norway, Ponssé S.A.S. in France, Ponsse UK Ltd. in the UK, Ponsse North America Inc. in the United States, Ponsse LatinAmerica in Brazil, OOO Ponsse in Russia, Ponsse Asia-Pacific Ltd in Hong Kong, Ponsse China Ltd in China, Ponsse Uruguay S.A. in Uruguay and EpecOy in Finland.

Ponsse Plc employs over 1,000 forestry machinery specialists, who had manufactured more than 9000 machines. Ponsse machines have been delivered to 40 different countries. The service network includes 150 service centers and more than 500 people are working in service and parts operations.

Two years ago Ponsse decided to provide the international dealer network and the in-house service technicians in the future with electronic spare parts catalogs.

Essential requirements for the system were:

flexible and easily extensible standard software
machine-specific catalogs
dynamic creation of series catalogs from the machine-specific catalogs
display of service bulletins including a search function
a high level of integration in the ERP system IFS
modern and user friendly appearance


After an intensive evaluation phase, the choice fell on the CATALOGcreator® of TID Informatik GmbH. “We choose CATALOGcreator®, because a complete package was offered and this package seemed to be the best. Now we know that it was the right choice”, Tapio Mertanen – service director of Ponsse – comments.

In the first step of the project a largely automated production of individual catalogs was realized, which are accessible to the user via the Internet and extract a lot of information about the runtime directly from IFS.Thus, for example, the assignment customer – serial number, the availability of parts, the storage location, the price and the most important information for machine acts are queried live in the ERP system and displayed to the user.


ponsee3After Ponsse has gained a lot of experience with the solution in the meantime, it will be further expanded.To discuss the extensions, Robert Schafer and Hermann Arya, managing director and project leader of TID, were invited to the headquarters in Vieremä, Finland.

Particularly eagerly anticipated by both was the item “harvesting” on the agenda.About 40 km from Vieremä the testing ground of Ponsse is located.There all new “harvesters” and “forwarders” are tested during a whole working day under difficult use conditions.Up to 960 cubic meters of timber can thus be “harvested” in a single day by two forest workers.In the evening the in Finland obligatory visit to the company’s own “smoke sauna” was on the program for reasons of relaxation.

“For us it was a great event, to experience our customer Ponsse, their employees and their truly impressive products first hand and for 2 days.We can now more fully understand the high requirements Ponsse is making on our CATALOGcreator® software.It equals their expectations of their own products.We particularly liked the enormous identification of employees with the company and the products.It is the same thing with TID and CATALOGcreator®, “says Hermann Arya, as he is looking forward to the other tasks in this project.